Extra Rehearsal Opportunities

Information about extra rehearsal opportunities can be found on the Registration Page

Rehearsal Tracks

YouTube > search for:

Chord Perfect Faure’s Requiem <your part>

Chord Perfect Cantique <your part>

The Chord Perfect learning tracks (plus full performance and accompaniment tracks as well) can be purchased and downloaded from the Chord Perfect website for $10 USD per part. ($5 USD for the Cantique.)

That one purchase comes with a code to share with up to 50 of your fellow choristers, giving them free access to their parts.

Music Scores

The Elder Conservatorium Chorale and Orchestra are using the Fauré Requiem 1893 version edited by John Rutter (OUP).

Public Domain scores from

To download the files below, right click on the link and select ‘Save Link As’

Faure-Requiem 1900

Faure-Cantique de Jean Racine

Score alterations to match the Rutter edition

French pronunciation guides for Cantique

To download the files below, right click on the link and select ‘Save Link As’.

Soprano Cantique pronunciation

Alto Cantique pronunciation

Tenor Cantique pronunciation

Bass Cantique pronunciation

Payment Requisition

For any expenses incurred on behalf of Big Sing McLaren Vale Inc. please use the form at the link below to request a payment.

Payments to musicians who do not have an ABN and can not supply an Invoice should also complete an ATO Statement by a supplier form and upload this as an attachment to the Payment Requisition.

Payment Requisition Form


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